Monday, September 15, 2008


Educause is an organization dedicated to integrating technology and learning. Educause reaches across the educational spectrum and includes programs for administrators, faculty, and technologists (OK, I made up that term, but it seems appropriate for the vast array of those directly working directly with technology on campus.) From time to time, I will post items of potential interest from Educause. Today it is:

Educause Midwest Regional Conference, Chicago Illinois, March 23-25, 2009.

The conference is accepting presentation proposals until October 6, 2008.

The conference is broken down into 5 general topics (Taken verbatim from Educause's website)

  1. Managing Enterprise Resources: Best Practices in Architecture and Implementation
  2. IT Service Management Models in Higher Education
  3. Emerging Practices: The Intersection of Teaching, Learning, and Technology
  4. Building Information Services Together: Emerging Practices for Library and IT Collaborations to Advance Institutional Mission
  5. Corporate and Campus Solutions

For faculty interested in presenting on "Emerging Practices: The Intersection of Teaching, Learning, and Technology" the following list provides a range of possible presentation topics:

  • Pedagogy, strategies, and practices for online teaching and learning
  • Faculty and student engagement
  • Course management systems/learning management systems
  • E-portfolios
  • Instructional delivery models for blended/hybrid courses and self-paced, on-demand courses
  • Integration of multimedia, learning objects, and reusable learning material
  • Learning space design, development, and operation
  • Virtual communities and other collaborative models
  • Digital assets, digital rights, and copyright
  • Assessing teaching and learning
  • Leveraging existing enterprise services for innovation
  • Strategic and consistent campus-wide faculty adoption of technology-assisted core practices
  • Understanding what students want and need
  • Using social networking tools
(List quoted from Educause's website)

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